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6I - Bio

Steve McGarrett
Hawaii Five - O


Steve is focused and dedicated in all tasks, making him mission oriented, doing whatever it takes to close cases. In the beginning he's wooden and awkward around people, especially outside of work related issues. As he adjusts to civilian life however he begins to relax and we see a goofier side come through. The dedication he shows to solving cases is second only to those he considers his o'hana, Hawaiian for family. Steve would do literally anything for them, including putting his own life in the line of fire, grand theft, and disobeying direct orders from superiors. When it comes to asking for help however, Steve refrains and withdraws. Due to his father's lack of affection and sending him away and repeated betrayal from those he loves and trusts, Steve suffers from both abandonment and self-worth issues.


Being a highly decorated Navy SEAL with experience in Naval Intelligence, Steve is a natural leader who exhibits an above average intelligence with an interest in chemistry and forensics. He’s multilingual, being fluent in English, Hawaiian, and the most popular Asian languages - Korean, Mandarin, Cantonese and Japanese extensively, but he can get by in many of the others. He is able to fly both a plane and helicopter. Physically Steve is very fit, having high stamina and endurance for pain. Once he sets his mind on something he’s very determined and will push his body to the limits to achieve the desired results.

Steve is well versed and deadly accurate with various firearms and munitions, both in operation and care. Trained in martial arts, he’s highly skilled in hand-to-hand combat and excels at close quarter combat or in handling multiple assailants.  Throwing a knife, using it in a fight or hunting is also an area he’s highly skilled with. He’s often considered extreme in what he knows and possibly how far he goes in any of these areas, but he prides himself of always being in full control.  Steve has complete faith and confidence in his skill level and ability to perform.  Often he finds it amusing when others react to his out-of-the-box or extreme approach to situations.

Growing up surrounded by ocean, the water is one of Steve’s first loves and he is an exceptional swimmer and diver.  Swimming is his first choice of exercise, especially in an ocean, and will start his day off with an hour swim regardless of most weather conditions.  When it comes to water sports, Steve is proficient in all of them – surfing, skiing, free diving, snorkeling, spearfishing, etc.  Water also recharges his batteries both with swimming and just looking out over it.  (Steve will want to swim in the lake in 7I. If he is not able to, this will be something that slowly grates and builds up as an annoyance for him.  It’ll be slow and take a long time, but feel like an itch under the skin he just can’t shake. Seeing the water will help, but he’ll want to swim.)

He also enjoys nature and has excellent wilderness tracking and survival skills.  For Steve being dumped in the middle of the forest with no supplies sounds like a good adventure to him.  He will make the tools he needs out of what is available and is completely capable of living off the land.  He is able to track animals by noticing disturbances in the mud or brush and tell when they were last used.  Using the stars and his environment to chart his way is also something he is highly skilled at doing.  He doesn’t get lost easily and is able to find his way to where he needs to be with little information.

Steve is also trained in Special Operations Combat Medic Course.  If there is a doctor around he will allow them to take charge and will assist and follow their direction easily.  If there isn’t he’s capable of taking care of minor to moderate injuries in the field and on his own. 

He’s also got some rough skills when it comes to building and auto-mechanics, enough to build a sturdy shelter, renovate homes, fix-up an old car, etc.   Chemistry and forensics is something he’s found very useful as a SEAL and he’s able to put together what he needs from the environment - for example in canon he used dust from a vacuum bag for fingerprint lifting in one episode and iodine in a spray bottle to detect the past presence of metal in pizza boxes in another. 


HAIR: Light brown
EYES: Green
HEIGHT: 6’1”
WEIGHT: 175lbs
PHYSIQUE: Slim athletic
Defining Marks: Detailed tattoos on both biceps and a bullet wound scar on his left collarbone

Bearing/Demeanor: Calm, serious, confident, stands tall and proud.

Gait: Purposeful, strong strides, even-footed, signs that he was military - A bit of attitude or cocky even.

Habits: Exercise. Swimming to start the day, running in the afternoon. Prefers to be busy.


NAME: Steve McGarrett
CANON: Hawaii Five-O
CANON POINT: Season 2 - Episode 22
CANON DATE: 2012/05/07
SCRUBS: Magenta

AGE: 35
FLUENT LANGUAGES: English, Hawaiian, Korean, Mandarin, Cantonese and Japanese.


PRIOR OCC: Task Force Leader
MILITARY: SEAL - Naval Reserves
RANK: Lieutenant Commander

PB: Alex O'Loughlin

KILLING: Contact Mun

NAME: Mitch
CONTACT: PM [personal profile] super_seal
PLURK: [ profile] knights_