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Steve McGarrett

Lieutenant Commander

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Name:Steve McGarrett
Birthdate:Mar 10
Location:Hawaii, United States of America
Character Name: Steven J. McGarrett
Canon: Hawaii Five-O (2010)
Age: 34 at beginning of show
Current Occupation: Team Leader of special task Force - Five-O, Naval Reserves

Occupational History: Navel Intelligence Corps (5 years), Navy Seal (6 years)
Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Medals: Silver Star, Bronze Star and Purple Heart
Education: Army and Navy Academy (Junior Year onward), Naval Academy in Annapolis (5 years). Graduated at top of class.

Born and raised on Hawaii with his younger sister, Mary Ann, Steve was your average American boy. His mom a school teacher and father a police officer, Steve wished to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a cop. He was a record-breaking quarterback of his high school football team.

At fifteen Steve’s mother was killed in a car accident. Shortly afterwards Steve’s father sent him and his sister away to live separately on the mainland, Steve to the Army and Navy Academy and Mary to live with her aunt. Steve then attended the Naval Academy in Annapolis and after graduation became a Navy SEAL and later transferred to the Navel Intelligence Corps. During this time he worked his way up to Lieutenant Commander receiving the Silver Star, Bronze Star and Purple Heart along the way.

While transporting a terrorist, Steve's father was murdered by the terrorist's brother. The Governor of Hawaii offered Steve the opportunity to track down his father's murderer, and handle other high profile cases, if he agreed to run her special Task Force. Steve accepts and transfers to the naval reserves. This Task Force, named Five-O, has full means and immunity – which Steve often utilizes in unorthodox ways to catch the criminals he and his team pursues.

Hand-picking his team, they work seamless together in cleaning up the corruption and criminals in Hawaii. They have a high case closure rate and earn the respect of the Hawaii Police Department and other city officials, even though they don't necessarily follow standard protocols. The team grows to be very tight-knit and loyal to each other. When one is in danger or in trouble the others will do whatever it takes to save them. They become ohana, meaning family.

He’s pretty dry. He’s a guy who’s grown up with a lot of guys. He spent a lot of time in the military, in close quarters. He’s the kind of guy that learned how to defend himself and his honor, and the honor of his family and friends, very quickly and very young in life.

He doesn’t take any shit. He understands irony and sarcasm, when a lot of people around him might not, and he gets the job done regardless of what he has to do. He’s pretty intolerant of people around him who see things differently.

There’s something pretty lovable about him. If you’re in with him, he’ll die to protect you.

- Alex O'Loughlin about McGarrett

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This journal is completely fictional and contains legal adult situations. It is solely a form of entertainment, portraying the life story of a fictional character. No events in this journal are real or are based on true events. This is an unofficial fan account created for the purpose of role playing. I am not Steven McGarrett, who is the property of CBS. No copyright infringement is intended, and no profit is being made. I am also not Alex O'Loughlin, the character's PB. No disrespect to any parties is meant by this journal. Simply a fan expression.

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