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Steve McGarrett ([personal profile] super_seal) wrote2017-02-24 03:30 pm

Feels like the first time...

Premise: You're drunk, and someone brought puppies.

Warning: Turns into NSFW with talk, possibly actions, of D/s

Danny: ((Probably the one that brought the puppy))

Steve: Uh, Buddy... Why do you have a dog? It's not getting in the car!

Danny: Look at its face, what kind of monster do you have to be to say no?

And it is my car.

Steve: It's our car, and the last time you decided to befriend a mutt I ended up sitting in the back seat and you let it sleep in my bed. No dogs, Danno! They may start off cute but the don't stay that way for long.

Danny: Steve... Look.. He... She loves you already. And a dog would be good for you.

Steve: You want ME to take the thing?!

No. I don't want a dog, Danny.

Danny: No, Steve. The dog is coming home with me. I wouldn't trust you with a houseplant.

Steve: [ snorts ]

Like you're any better.

What are you going to do with a dog? You're never home. The last one ended up a Rachel's.... Whatever happened to that dog anyway?

Danny: [glare]

Stan got rid of him. Said a dog was too messy.

Steve: Well, he's not wrong.

Danny: ... How can you betray me like that?

Steve: Betray you? I didn't betray you! Dogs are messy, Danno, everyone knows that. Even Stan. That's not my fault. How he could do that to Gracie though...

I told you before, we can take him out.

Danny: What? No, Steve. No. We're not taking Stan out. Now get in the car.

Steve: [ grins ]
I'm driving.

[ glares ]

And the dog stays here.

Danny: No, someone is going to take her and use her as a bait dog. No. I'll take her to a shelter in the morning.

Steve: [ groans ]

You said that last time and then let it poop in my office!

Danny: I didn't let it. It just did.

It's like I don't let you drive my car, you just do.

Steve: It did cause you didn't make sure it got its walk.

[ crosses arms and pours at being compared to a dog ]

That's not the same thing.

Danny: Yeah it kind of is. All you need is a collar and there will be a striking resemblance.

And I'll walk this one.

Steve: [ glares ]

You say that now, but you won't and I'll be the one to pay for it.

Get in the car, Danno, leave the dog here. It doesn't belong to you.

Danny: Steve...

[But he finally sighs and sets the puppy down.]

Steve: Come on, Danno, I'll buy you a beer coffee and a bottle of water. You'll agree with me in the morning.

Danny: Sometimes I hate you, you know that.

[But he doesn't sound like he means it, and he gets in the car.]

Steve: I know. I hate you too.

[ hate = love ]

Danny: I am crashing on your couch tonight.

Steve: Of course you are. [ smiles happily ]

[ he wouldn't have it any other way well he may prefer if it was his bed but... ]

Danny: Good. Don't think I can stand that crappy little hotel today. It smells like something or someone is dead in the walls you know.

Steve: [ curls nose ]

Honestly, I don't know how you can stay there. I hope your not taking Grace there, that's what my house is for.

Danny: I don't. And is that so, even if she gets a puppy? She wants one.

Steve: ... No. My house is dog free.

Neither of us is home enough to take care of the thing. It's not fair to the animal.

Why don't we get her a cat?

Danny: Fine but you get to be the one to explain that to her. And are you sure you wouldn't get jealous of a cat?

Steve: Wait, why do I have to be the bad guy?

... And why would I get jealous of a cat? Cats are awesome. Like little ninjas.

Danny: Yeah, someone would be more awesome than you and also, you do know that cats mark their territory, right?

Steve: No one is more awesome than me! A cat can't take her swimming.

But, if you want me to be a hero that she can't get the dog but can get a cat... [ grins ]

[ Ignores the downside ]

Danny: True. Fine. We can get her a cat. A kitten. And she doesn't need to be swimming. You have already told her too much about not punching sharks in the face.

Steve: Danny, [sighs] you do not punch sharks in the face. Don't disrespect the animal. That's going to get you into more trouble.

Danny: So you let it disrespect you by eating you? Don't be stupid Steve. There is a million sharks, there is only one Grace. Or you for that matter.

Steve: If you punch it, it's definitely going to retaliate, Danny. You're punch isn't going to scare it away. The better solution is to avoid it if possible, if not remain calm until it moves on.

Danny: Avoid it like staying on dry land sound good to me, but someone insists on dragging me onto boats.

Steve: You can't tell me you didn't enjoy catching your first tuna fish, man.

Danny: If you ignore the boat being stolen, being stuck in a boat... no, dingy with you, you nearly being eaten by a shark, getting stuck on a floating crime scene and then, just to top it off getting handcuffed by the coast guard.

Oh and the sunburn I ended up with.

Steve: Sounds like a memorable day all the way around then.

... Except maybe the sunburn. Those are never fun. But, hey, it could have been worse.

Danny: How could it have been worse, Steve? How?


You know what, don't even... Just get us home.

Steve: [ Steve's quiet for a bit, chewing on his lip. A lot of things could have gone wrong. Things Steve didn't think of at the time, because he dealt with what was in front of him, not what if's, BUT later, he'd realized how lucky they really had been. ]

The dingy could have sunk. Or one of us could have been shot with his random firing. We may not have found the boat...

Danny: [He could have been stuck out there with someone who wasn't as... let's face it awesome as Steve.

Danno is quiet for a moment and then he reaches over to give hand a quick squeeze.]

This is my job. Being the negative one. Is that what you tell me?

Steve: I'm just saying... Yeah, the day could have gone better, but you caught your first tunaie-fish and we both made it home without any extra holes. Overall, I'd say the day was a win.

Danny: And there is my disgustingly cheerful partner again.

[When they pull up outside Steve's house, Danno gets out of the car and just looks at the house for a bit. How come he was stuck in crappy hotels while everyone else had decent houses. Fuck his luck. Then he made his way towards the door, he already has his own key so why not. ]

So, that coffee you promised. Now or in the morning?

Steve: [ He makes a goofy face at Danny, but remains quiet for the rest of the trip. Taking them to his house, he watches as his partner makes himself at home - it brings a smile to his face as he follows Danny in. ]

Now. Morning. Next week. It was an open offer, Danno. You're welcome here any time, you know that.

[ Going into the kitchen he flicks on the coffee pot. ]

You ready to try it with butter yet?

Danny: Hell no. Why do you do unnatural food combinations on this island? Why?

[But he follows Steve into the kitchen and gets two mugs out for them. Then milk for himself and after a moments hesitation the butter for Steve.]

This shit is going to kill you.

Steve: Variety is the spice of life, Danno.

[ Steve grins seeing the butter. ]

I told you, it improves brain function. You really should try it.

Danny: Yeah, no. I don't need it. You on the other hand...

[He pushes the whole thing towards Steve with a grin.]

And with you I get more than enough spice. Sometimes I want it nice and normal.

Steve: [ He grins back taking a spoonful and stirring it into his coffee. ]

What?! I'm normal.

And, it's not like you had normal before me either.

Danny: [That makes him just look at Steve for a long moment.]

Before you or before I came to this sunny hellhole?

[Then he pours himself coffee, and after considering it for a long moment reaches for the butter.]

Steve: Before me, which I guess includes before you came to Hawaii. But I was thinking more of between you coming to Hawaii and me.

[ Taking a sip of his coffee to hide the smirk he's got from watching Danny and the butter. ]

Danny: Between coming here and you I was trying to settle in so nothing was normal, no.

[He stirs in the butter and then lifts the cup to sniff it. Then he tries a sip. And makes a face.]

Fuck that feels weird.

Steve: Then you met me and you're life got better.

[ grins and then chuckles ]

That's your brain cells coming on line.

Danny: I hate you.

[But he does take another sip, making less of a face this time.] Feel like I am drinking oil.

[He pours a bit more coffee into the mug and then starts heading for the couch.]

Come on, if we are staying up because of the coffee it is movie time.

Steve: I know.

[ But he's smiling. When Danny says "I hate you", Steve knows it's a term of endearment and not the actual meaning of the words. ]

It's not that bad. And it's good for you.

[ Follows Danny to the couch and sits right beside him. ]

Alright. I think that movie marathon you set to tape the other day... Do we have to watch Enemy Mine though? That's the one where the guy gave birth wasn't it?

[ This time it's Steve who makes the face. ]

Danny: Yes it was, and no we will not see that one because I know you and I know you'll just end up ruining it.

[Danny settles in against him and wraps Steve's arm around himself. He likes this, fuck it he loves it.]

Why don't you decide? You're going to anyway.

Steve: [ Danny's not the only one, Steve loves it too. Once Danny is settled, Steve sinks lower into the couch and presses closer to him.

Taking the remote he looks through the selections Danny set up to tape. ]

You taped Lethal Weapon? It's been... I can't tell you when I saw that last. How about this one?

[ He's already pressing play. ]

Danny: [For once Danny doesn't say anything, rather he just smiles to himself and continues drinking his coffee. It wasn't so bad if you discount how weird it feels in your mouth.

When the coffee is done and the mug is on the table however there isn't much sensible to do to with his hand. So it ends up on Steve's thigh, tracing mindless little patters as they watch.]

Steve: [ There's a small sigh of contentment that Steve doesn't even know he's releasing as Danny's hand rests on his thigh. The fingers moving is both relaxing and electrifying. Not fully sure how to respond, Steve ends up just relaxing more into and around Danny, pulling him closer under his arm. ]

Danny: [That little sigh makes him smile to himself. Now that is a sound he likes hearing. But he hesitates for a little longer, debating with himself. This could fuck up one of the best things he has had in a long time. Maybe he can blame i on the beer. Maybe.

He shifts and moves before he has a chance to talk himself out of it again. He reaches up to turn Steve's face towards him and then places a kiss on his lips.]

Steve: [ There's that moment where Steve stiffens in shock and uncertainty. Is this really happening? Like really happening and not something he's fantasized about too many times that he thinks is happening but really isn't?

But as Danny's lip meet his, Steve can't help but open and kiss back. Turning his head just that little bit more to deepen the connection. He's not pushing things, but he's certainly not backing down either, he's hoping this is going where he's hoping it is. ]

Danny: [He pulls back a little, pausing a hair away from Steve's lips, giving Steve the time to call this off for just a second. Then he moves, quickly too, so that he is straddling Steve's lap before he leans down and kisses him again, hungrily.]

Steve: [ Steve groans deeply as Danny straddles him. His hands come up to hold Danny's waist and he pulls down as his hips thrust upwards as Steve opens to Danny's assault on his mouth. ]

Danny: [That groan and then Steve's hands on him definitely is having an effect on him. Heat pools in his stomach and he wraps his arms around Steve's shoulders, a hand sneaking into his hair.

He enjoys the feeling of Steve being trapped under him, even if they both knows it'd take Steve less than ten seconds to get out of it if he wants to. He shifts a little, pulling back from the kiss just long enough to check that his partner is as into this as he is.

The next kiss is different again. Still hungry, but calmer, demanding and most importantly, in charge. At least that is what he hopes it is. When he pulls back, he grins.]


Steve: [ As Danny's hand moves into Steve's hair he moans into the other man's mouth, enjoying both sensations, and his hands squeeze gently on Danny's waist.

Steve's pupils are blown as he looks up at Danny. He's definitely into this and while they both know he can flip them, he's quite happy exactly where he is. Although, he does have a concern. ]

How's your knee? Is it okay like this?

[ When Danny takes charge of the next kiss, Steve moans again and allows the other man to take the lead. It's true, Steve like being in control. It allows him to make sure that everyone he cares about is taking care of. It's what he does and how he shows his affections. But, in the bedroom... He can still be that way, but what he really enjoys is trusting the person he's with to take charge for a little bit. It's not something he gets to enjoy often or really ever, but with Danny the trust is already there with a strong foundation and he doesn't feel the need to fight it.

When Danny pulls back and grins, Steve returns the grin. ]

Danny: [Danny makes a bit of a face at the mentioning of his knee. It would be fine as long as he doesn't stay kneeling like that for too long.

As they part he lets his hand move, wrapping around Steve's neck and testing how far he could take this control thing. He knows the trust is there, otherwise he'd never do this. But Steve trusting him to do this and Steve wanting him to are two very different things.]

I was only half joking about wanting to put a leash on you.

[He admits with that same grin.]

But maybe later. For now though...

[He shifts getting up off the couch and he walks towards the stairs. As he turns back his voice is firm, low and with a hint of a needy growl in it. This is an order and he doesn't bother to hide that.]

Bedroom, now, babe.

Steve: [ At Danny's face, Steve's hand moves down his side, over his hip and gently down his thigh. He'd doesn't go all the way to the knee before the hand changes direction and strokes back up. It's meant as a loving gesture.

The mention of the leash though has the hand stilling and a flash of warning in Steve's eyes. ]

I wasn't.

[ He didn't tell Danny about his entire Korean experience. And Danny doesn't know the other times in his past when someone placed some sort of collar around and his neck and yanked him around. There's no way Steve can see that being a turn on.

There's confusion that crosses his features as Danny stands and starts towards the stairs. But then the needy growl and the firm voice come out and Steve can't help but to grin. This isn't something he'd respond to with anyone, and really basically no one, but Danny doesn't fall in that category. Smirking, Steve gets to his feet and stretches, because of course he has to push the limits and see what Danny will do in return. He doesn't delay more than a couple of seconds though before he's following orders and heads to the stairs, passing Danny in the process. ]

Whatever you say, babe!

Danny: [Danny nods at Steve's more serious tone. He knows when to not push things and how to respect hard limits.

He watches Steve's little display of disobedience, arms crossing in front of him. He's seen that smirk before. Steve might get away with pushing the limits elsewhere but...

He lets Steve make it all the way to the bedroom before he does anything, but once the door his closed behind him he moves, grabbing Steve and pushing him up against the wall. He has a hand on Steve's arm, holding him there, or at least pretending too, they both know Danny can't and wouldn't hold Steve there if he wanted to get out. The other hand slides down, then under the hem of Steve's shirt.]

If we're playing this game then let's be clear on a few things. I will not push your hard limits. If something comes up, like the leash, and you tell me it is a hard limit that is the last you'll hear of it. You decide how far you're willing to go and where your limits are. All I can really ask of you is that you tell me about them. Understood?

And if this isn't something you want at all, I want you to tell me. Yeah, the thought of you submitting to me if hot as fuck, but it is not a prerequisite for anything.

[There, that was the most serious thing and his hand slides up under the shirt to lay flat against Steve's stomach.]

Second thing, when we do this, I expect to be obeyed. You're allowed to ask for a pause or to have something explained, but that down there was just you being a brat. Do you really want to see what happens when you're a brat?

[Normally he wouldn't ask, but since he hadn't laid the rules when Steve misbehaved he decides it is best to give the man a chance to wipe the slate clean.]

Steve: [ Steve's a bit surprised when Danny grabs him and pushes him up against the wall, but he's far from feeling threatened and easily allows Danny to do as he pleases, including holding him in place. There's no lack of trust when he's with Danny and while this may be new territory with him behaviour-wise, the trust required for that is firmly established and secure. As Danny's hand finds it's way to Steve's stomach, his muscles flutter and he sucks in a breath of anticipation.

Steve nods slowly in understanding to Danny explanation of hard limits and the rules around them. ]

What if I don't know what they are?

[ His nose curls a bit at the word 'submitting', yes that's what he's agreeing to do but stating it wars against so much of who he is, who he's expected and needed to be. There's no doubt in his mind that he trusts Danny and that can let Danny take charge in the bedroom but talking directly about it... Well he might need a bit more time in that area. ]

No, I want it.

[ A happy smile pulls on his lips and shines in his eyes at Danny saying it's not a must. That's part of why he can be like this with Danny. The lack of pressure he feels with Danny and yet the drive to meet the other man's expectations, the constant love and support without the pressure.

The smile turns devilish. ]

But, you like when I'm being a brat!

[ Steve's eyes dance with mischief but really he's not so sure he's ready for seeing what happens when he doesn't obey. Maybe it's best to enjoy the benefits of the game before learning the consequences quite yet. Instead he leans his neck forward and down to nip at Danny's lips playfully. ]

I can be good.

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