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Steven J. McGarrett
Age: 35
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 175lbs
Birthday: 3/10/77
Career: 5-O Leader
Military: Navy SEAL
Rank: Lt. Cmdr
Species: Human
Canon: Hawaii 5-O
Episode: S2-E22
Date: 05/07/12
PB: Alex O'Loughlin
Born and raised on Hawaii, Steve was an all-American boy. He broke records as quarterback and was a straight A student in high school. Attention and affection were hard to come by in his home but that just motivated Steve to work harder. When his mother died just after his fifteenth birthday, his father sent him to the mainland to the Army and Navy Academy. Steve enlisted in the Navy, attending the Naval Academy at Annapolis and after graduating at the top of his class became a SEAL. After six years with the SEALs, Steve moved on to Naval Intelligence where he hunted terrorists and arms dealers. When his father is murdered by one of the terrorists he was after, Steve returns to Hawaii in hopes of capturing him. In the process Steve runs into Detective Danny Williams. Together they form a Special Task Force - Five O with a disgraced HPD officer Chin Ho Kelly and a his cousin, a rookie, Kono Kalakaua.
Steve is focused and dedicated in all tasks, making him mission oriented, doing whatever it takes to close cases. In the beginning he's wooden and awkward around people, especially outside of work related issues. As he adjusts to civilian life however he begins to relax and we see a goofier side come through. The dedication he shows to solving cases is second only to those he considers his o'hana, Hawaiian for family. Steve would do literally anything for them, including putting his own life in the line of fire, grand theft, and disobeying direct orders from superiors. When it comes to asking for help however, Steve refrains and withdraws. Due to his father's lack of affection and sending him away, Steve suffers from both abandonment and father issues.

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