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Note: This history is a work in progress and may updated or altered at any time. It is intended to focus on canon Steve McGarrett and not that of his team or the happenings of Five-O. Please feel free to comment if any mistakes are found. Currently this History is from birth to Season 2 - Episode 22.

Season 1

Steven J. McGarrett is the oldest child of John and Doris McGarrett, a police officer and a teacher respectively, born in Hawaii on March 10, 1977. He has a younger sister named Mary Ann. Steve and Mary enjoyed a fairly normal childhood. In high school Steve broke records as the quarterback on the football team.

In his fifteenth year his mother died in an automobile accident. Within a few days after the funeral his father sent both Steve and his sister to the mainland. His sister went to stay with their aunt Deb and Steve was sent to the Army and Navy Academy – an all boy’s prep school. After graduating Steve was accepted to United States Naval Academy where he spent five years and graduated with honors. From there he spent six years as a Navy SEAL before transferring to Naval Intelligence where he spent five years chasing international arms traders, Victor and Anton Hesse.

* To see his awards and decorations, please visit The Five Ohs - Minutiae for a full list.

In 2010 Naval Intelligence turned up a lead for Anton Hesse in North Korea. Freddie Hart, Steve’s best friend and fellow Navy SEAL, entered North Korea to capture Anton. In the process Freddie Hart was mortally wounded and stayed behind to cover Steve’s escape with Anton. During a fully detailed transport of Anton, Steve received a call from his father who was held at gunpoint by Victor Hesse. Unbeknownst by Steve, Victor used the call to determine Steve’s, and his brother’s, location to launch an air strike on the military transport, killing most. Anton slipped away only to be killed by Steve in a standoff. When Victor found out that Anton was dead, he killed Steve’s father while Steve listened over the phone.

Steve went to Hawaii for his father’s funeral and to track down Victor Hesse. The Governor of Hawaii, Patricia Jamieson, met with Steve to offer condolences and a position as leader of a new task force to clean up crime on the islands. The offer included full immunity and means. Initially Steve turned down her offer but once he ran into issues with the lead detective on the case, Danny Williams, he changed his mind and officially took over the investigation, transferring his military career into the reserves.

Finding that Detective Williams had made progress on tracking down Victor Hesse, Steve recruited him as his partner. He also recruited his father’s old partner, Chin Ho Kelly, a man who was forced out to the police force as he was suspected for taking a large sum of money, and Chin’s younger cousin, Kono Kalakaua, a soon to be graduate of the HPD academy. Together they became Five-O and tracked down Victor Hesse as he attempted to flee the country aboard a Chinese vessel. Steve and Danny almost caused a diplomatic incident by boarding the vessel, by way of driving a car onto it as it left port, but as they located Victor Hesse aboard it’s dismissed. Steve and Victor fight and that ended with Victor taking two shots to the chest and disappearing into the water, assumed dead.

Five-O work well together and are able to celebrate a high solve rate to their cases. They handle everything from mob and gang related crimes to kidnappings to murder in relation to high-profile individuals to corruption in the HPD.

Inside his father’s garage, Steve finds a toolbox with a ‘Champ’ sticker. In his final words, John McGarrett referred to his son as ‘Champ’ and Steve realized this was a clue. Inside were various clues to what appeared to be an assortment of cases his father had been working on. One of these cases was the investigation into the death of Steve’s mother. Following his father’s investigation, Steve found that his mother’s accident wasn’t an accident after all but instead a botched attempt to murder John McGarrett by the Yakuza to stop an investigation into their organization.

Victor Hesse managed to survive and captured Chin, attached a bomb around his neck and demanded Steve to bring him ten million dollars in cash to free Chin. Not having access to that kind of money, Steve and Kono borrowed money that was stored in police lock up. Their intention was to return the money but Victor Hesse burned it instead. They engaged in hand-to-hand combat with Steve arresting Victor and releasing Chin. In prison an unknown man, who we later find to be Wo Fat, visited Hesse to discuss Steve.

Steve’s sister, Mary Ann while visiting found the toolbox and started her own investigation that ends with her getting kidnapped and the toolbox stolen by the Yakuza. Steve rescued his sister and found that the head of the Yakuza in Hawaii, Hiro Noshimuri, had arranged for his sister’s kidnapping. There is not enough evidence to make an arrest, however in the process it is revealed that Hiro’s brother, Kouji, killed their mother. Upon his arrest, Steve also meets Wo Fat for the first time. Kouji is killed while in custody.

Jenna Kaye, a CIA Agent, requested Steve turnover any evidence he had on Wo Fat, showing him a picture of Hesse and Wo Fat talking in prison. Jenna, who is working on her own to find her fiancé, joined Five-O as an analyst. With Jenna’s help they started to close in on Wo Fat. Steve began to suspect the Governor was involved and broke into her house to look for evidence. The Governor retaliates by accusing him of killing one of her aids, actually killed by Wo Fat when it turned out she was returning missing items in the toolbox back to Steve. Five-O is dismantled; Steve is on the run, and IA arrested Kono for stealing the money that saved Chin. Steve confronted the Governor but Wo Fat tasered him and killed the Governor putting the gun in Steve’s hand. Chin, having gone back to the HPD, arrested Steve for murdering the Governor.

Season 2

Steve’s Navy commanding officer, Joe White, came to help Danny with the investigation and to clear Steve’s name. In prison, Steve was in solitary confinement with one hour of yard time. Victor Hesse managed to join him and shanked Steve in the lower gut before whispering something in his ear. In the ambulance on the way to the hospital Steve managed to escape. Badly wounded he headed to Max, the coroner, for medical assistance. Max called Danny and Chin who work together with Joe to find evidence to clear Steve. They find that Steve’s father had been investigating Governor Jamison as well and had set up a camera in her office. The camera was still recording and upon viewing it’s clear that Steve did not kill the Governor. He is cleared of all charges and the new Governor, Samuel Denning, reinstated Five-O, with a small change.

The new Governor assigned Lori Weston, a profiler from Homeland Security, to Five-O. Her role as part of the team is essentially a babysitter, to report back to the Governor on their actions and to assist in keeping them more in line. The team takes a while to warm up to Lori, but eventually she is accepted as part of the team.

Meanwhile, IA approached Kono to offer her an undercover position in exchange for clearing her name for the theft. Steve eventually found out and stopped the undercover investigation and instead Five-O helped IA bring in the dirty cop.

Jenna found a lead on her fiancé and requested Steve’s to help her deliver a ransom. It’s a double-cross; Jenna had been working with Wo Fat to ambush Steve. Steve is taken to be tortured by Wo Fat, who wanted to know what Steve knew about Shelbourne. Steve having only found out that codename knew very little but Wo Fat didn’t believe him. Jenna is taken to her fiancé’s dead body. Realizing she’s been played she contacted Danny for help. Wo Fat had her chained with Steve and then killed her in front of him. Five-O, Joe and SEAL team Nine, who Five-O saved earlier from a killer trying to take them out, head into North Korea and rescued Steve. Later Joe White is honorably discharged from the Navy due to his involvement. SEAL Team Nine were not mentioned to the military as having taken part.

Joe White appeared to help Steve look into the situation with Wo Fat and Shelbourne. Joe found some leads but they only seem to result in more questions. Joe publicly kidnaped Hiro Noshimuri, much to Steve’s dismay. Adam Noshimuri, Hiro’s son, hears that Joe killed his father and kidnaps Joe, torturing for information. Steve rescued Joe, Joe shared that Hiro isn't dead but faked his death trying to hide from Wo Fat. It’s clear Joe knew more than he was sharing. Refusing to enlighten Steve, even though he was tortured over the secrets Joe won't share, Joe walked away, leaving Steve confused and upset. Later Steve convinced Joe to tell Adam and Joe finally revealed to Steve that he’s Shelbourne and that he killed Wo Fat’s father then told him that he needed to go away for a while.

Not long after Joe disappeared, Steve left Danny a ‘Dear John’ letter telling him that he has gone to track down Joe White and find out more on Shelbourne and does not know when he will be back. A couple of weeks later Steve arrested Wo Fat in Japan and is ready to return home. The plane crew attempt to divert course on the way back to Hawaii. Steve is able to regain control but the plane crashes in the jungle with everyone but him and Wo Fat dead. Wo Fat escaped but is recaptured by Steve. Wo Fat revealed that he has killed Hiro Noshimuri and now those who followed him are after Wo Fat. Steve and Wo Fat fight off the Yakuza in the jungle and use their helicopter to return to Hawaii. When they land, Adam and more Yakuza were there to greet them but Steve refused to give up Wo Fat.

Reference sites: The Five Ohs - Steve Profile, Wiki - Steve Profile

TLV - AU - Brief History for Ohana

Continuing from the above, at this point Steve's memory ends. The Admiral stepped in and took Steve, telling him that he died in this moment, BUT if he earned redemption on the barge, the Admiral could change what happened and Steve could live.

Being an inmate on the barge has not been easy for Steve. At first he didn't understand why he was there. Then he believed that there had been a mistake, he wasn't like the other inmates and most of the wardens mistook him as a warden, but he was quickly made to understand that while he may not think he deserved to be there, he did. The SEAL way that he had incorporated into Five-O was corrupt and he was abusing his power. He mistreated those who he deemed as criminals and while he may not realize it, the citizens of Hawaii were scared of him. It was made clear by several that he needed to change his ways, but when he asked the question back on what he was supposed to do with a bus load of kids at risk, he was told to find another way. Because he knew he'd exhausted all options and knew he'd pushed the right people he discards the idea of finding redemption. The kids are more important than any criminal and if he has to pay the price for that, then so be it. This has made him bitter over time.

When Mary arrives on the barge, having been killed by Wo Fat in season 1 (we altered canon slightly to make this work) Steve commits himself to staying on the barge until Mary graduates or they can both escape.

Steve is permanently paired with Quentin. As far as he's concerned, it's a good match as he likes Quentin, but Quentin can't help him. It takes months for Steve to realize that Quentin thinks he works with the cops instead of him being appointed the head of Five O and his team just happens to be mostly made up of cops. Quentin is a good man, but he's absent. Steve has free reign of what he can do and he continues to move away from redemption.

With the things that happen on the barge, his bitterness grows and he becomes angry. He regularly fights with other inmates in order to find an escape for that anger. Death isn't permanent on the barge and as consequences are often missing, he becomes complacent with death being an ideal punishment for those who go too far in terrorizing others. After he is forced to kill Mary when she starts to turn into a harpy, Steve starts having flashbacks and kills other inmates.

Escape attempts are regular things. In one his warden ends up being demoted and the next is part of a mutiny attempt and the barge is almost destroyed. The backlash of that has Steve reeling and moving into depression and giving up. He has no respect or trust for authority, mostly because he doesn't see them as deserving respect. His main goal is to see Mary graduate so that he can ask the Admiral to let him go - even if that means he's dead.

He has just been permanently paired with Helen Magnus and Danny has arrived on the barge as warden.

On the barge they have floods - strange things happen to them on the barge, and breaches - where they temporarily become someone else in a different setting. On arrival in Ohana, Steve will believe that he's caught in a breach gone wrong.