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Permissions Post

CONTACT METHOD: PM this journal
FOURTH WALLING / CANON PUNCTURE: Fourth walling: please contact to discuss. Canon Puncture is okay.
AVOIDED TOPICS: Suicidal Thoughts / Suicide. Flesh eating and decaying zombies that just won’t die. Nothing else I can think of.

CURRENT CANON POINT: Season 2 – Episode 22 - End of episode when Steve and Wo Fat have returned to Hawaii and they are confronted by the Yakuza ready to kill them.
PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Steve is a tanned, 35 year old caucasian male with short brown hair and hazel eyes, he stands 6’1” and is a muscular 175lbs. Usually he’s sporting a five-o’clock shadow. He has intricate tattoos on both biceps and has a handful of small scars on his arms, back and chest from combat related knife or gunshot wounds. Preferred clothing is a t-shirt with possibly an open button-down shirt on top, with cargo pants and hiking boots. Expensive watch on his left wrist that has a hidden compartment.
DEMEANOR: Depends on the situation. Steve generally comes across as serious and a bit smug. If he’s focused on a goal, doesn’t matter what the goal is, then he’s determined and intense. Once he becomes more accustomed to his environment and those around him he can be more relaxed and easy going.
ABILITIES: Being a highly decorated Navy SEAL, Steve is in excellent physical condition with high stamina and endurance. He’s highly trained in martial arts, forensics, diving, parachuting, piloting, wilderness tracking and survival. He’s also well versed and deadly accurate with most firearms and munitions. Although at times he sometimes tends to forget, but he is human with no extra powers.
MEDICAL INFORMATION: Very healthy and in excellent physical condition.
CABIN INFORMATION: The cabin and the door is the type of door one would find on a Navy Vessel – metal and plain. Inside the room is his bedroom from his house in Hawaii – Queen-sized bed with a couple of night tables with lamps, a dresser and a comfortable chair in the corner. On one of the night tables is a small bronze figure of seal, 3 pictures (One of him with Danny and Grace; another of the Danny, Chin, Kono and himself, taken shortly after Five-O formed; and one of Mary and Aunt Deb), a magic protection charm and a festive Teddy Bear. On the other night table is an assortment of various items - ie: candle, robot parts, action figure, string, a mug, artificial flowers, 2 toilet mugs, piece of coal, a pair of earrings an an American dollar. In a corner stands a polished professional grade surf-board. Across from the door, over the dresser is a framed charcoal sketch of Keaka (signed by Steve Rogers). On the dresser is a stack of six books, One is Heller's Catch 22, the other 5 are Armed Service Editions. Also on the dresser is a pair of hand-wraps and a olive green fedora. There is a large open space at the end of the bed. In the far wall there is a hole in the wall that leads to the cabin next door. The opening isn't standard door size, but it has been finished to look like an arch between the rooms.
OFFENSIVE SUBJECTS: Cruelty to others, especially women or children, threatening those he views as family. Abandonment.

MENTAL: Yes, but please give me a head’s up first
VIOLENCE: Definitely!
MAGIC: Yes, but please give me a head’s up first
SEXUAL: Yes, see notes below and discuss
OTHER / NOTES: I’m open to most things, just give me a head’s up in advance so we can discuss and make sure we’re on the same page.

PREFERENCE: Open to any possibility
CANON REFERENCE: In canon Steve has a 'friends with benefits thing' with a female officer, Lt Catherine Rollins, that's been going for at least three years but Steve adamantly denies she's his girlfriend or their relationship is anything serious. When in the presence of beautiful women, he doesn't seem to take notice, even when Danny comments or points out he's being watched. It's not that he notices men either though. In fact, the only one outside of Catherine that Steve shows any interest or attention to is Danny - extra touches, longing looks.
FLIRTING: He's very blunt when he does it. When others flirt with him, he doesn't typically take notice however he may adjust his approach to mirror what is being directed towards him. This doesn't mean he knows that he's flirting or encouraging.
MY TAKE: Steve has abandonment issues and has walls built up around himself. He's not interested in letting people in, however when someone earns his trust and is affectionate with him, he responds in kind. It doesn't matter to him if this person is male or female, it's all about trust and feeling safe.

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