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Hey, you've reached McGarrett. Can't take your call right now but if you leave a message, I'll get back to you.


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Eliot had considered taking Steve and Letty both out at once, but given he wants very different things out of each of them at the end of the evening... well, this had seemed like a better option. Which doesn't mean Steve's off the hook for getting dressed up and dragged someplace ritzy, it's just someplace slightly different, and Eliot smirks as he watches Steve working on his tie.

"Clean up nice, Sparky." And he does, definitely. Eliot's not a huge fan of suits, but sometimes they're just the right uniform for the occasion, and he's never going to be able to honestly claim, at least to himself, that the aesthetic doesn't do it for him. For his part, he's already completely ready in a beautifully tailored suit, his tie neatly knotted... and a pair of nicely shined shit-kicking boots visible beneath the break in his slacks. "You need help with that tie, though, cause we do have reservations to make," he teases, warm and relaxed in a way he almost never lets himself be on the barge.
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"Guess I can save peeling you outa all that for later." Though he does slip past Steve and trail a hand down his spine, then give his ass a squeeze as he heads for the door with a chuckle. He does like the aesthetic of a man in a well tailored suit, but the best part is definitely taking it all off at the end of the night.

He pauses by the door and turns back, not above taking a moment to preen for Steve as he tugs his smooths his jacket down and makes sure his tie is straight. "Just as well." He shrugs ruining the effort with the suit. "Don't mind playin' dress up every so often for a special occasion-" Or a con- "but I'm not a fan of the uniform." Not after his years with Moreau. He doesn't need that reminder. This is different enough, though, that he can shrug that off.
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"Not a snowball's chance in hell, Sparky. We've been eating cafeteria food long enough, I'm not missing a chance at the best meal in town just t'get laid." He pauses for just a moment and smirks. "Especially since I know you're a sure thing after," he adds, and winks, stepping aside to tug the door open.

"Think we definitely should, 'cause I'm not missing those reservations and you're just windin' yourself up." And, okay, Eliot's not unaffected, not by a long shot. "You wanna play dress-up sometime once we're back, though," he continues, stepping out into the hall and then pulling the door shut behind them as Steve joins him. "I think I could get behind having another chance t'peel you out of this suit, nice and slow." Which is exactly how he plans to end this evening as well.
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Eliot huffs quietly and rolls his eyes, but it's at least partially to hide the smile at Steve's words. "Yeah, well, this way I don't hafta deal with your dishpan hands for the fun part of the night," he teases. And christ, he's never let himself be this way with a guy in public, it's always been too much risk for too little reward, but he's finding the last year on the barge has seriously eroded his ability to give a fuck, so he doesn't hesitate to add, "And you just go ahead an' play hard t'get, sweetheart, it'll be that much more fun when I got you writhing and squirming on that big, soft bed."

Because, yeah, Steve might not actually be easy, but barring anything pretty catastrophic he's definitely a sure thing. Eliot, for his part, is generally pretty damn easy anyway... and god knows he plans on finding himself at least one good one night stand while he has the chance. But tonight... yeah, he's actually looking forward to dinner with Steve, then bringing him back here afterwards and making really damn good use of that bed.

He shivers at the hand down his spine and the squeeze to his ass, and reaches down to adjust himself as they approach the elevator. And thank fuck these slacks are roomy or he's pretty sure by the time they get to the lobby walking would be pretty uncomfortable... for very good reason, because as soon as the elevator doors slide open and they step in, he crowds Steve up against the wall while the doors slide closed again. Presses in tight and curls a hand around the nape of Steve's neck to pull him down for a searing kiss.

Because fuck it, Eliot's pretty damn sure the absolute best way he can think of to spend this night is winding them both up over a fancy-ass meal until making it back here before they start losing clothes is almost asking too much. "You can hold me t'any damn thing you want tonight, Sparky," he murmurs against Steve's lips.
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[Fives leaves his bucket off for this conversation, even if he's not terribly comfortable with letting the exhaustion and pain etched into his features show. Sometimes it's best to let a man see your eyes, especially when the subject under discussion is potentially sensitive. So his face is bare, dark shadows under his eyes and lines of pain etched into the lines on his forehead and at the corners of his eyes. They make him look older than his 'apparently twenty-four or twenty-five years, far older than his actual thirteen, though there's still something of the boy who'd hung around Tris and Eliot's restaurant on Respite to be found there, even if there's not even a trace of the carefree ease of him.]

Could you tell me where to find Nadayki di'Berinango's body, please?
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I was told you'd killed him in retaliation for a murder of his own. But he has no warden and in the recent chaos no one's noticed him missing. I was his last temporary warden, so I feel it's my duty to find his body and ask the Admiral to revive him. [It's all relayed with a flat stoicism that's really no different from Fives' normal demeanor on the barge. Certainly no judgment. He's just tired. Resigned. Frustrated and trying to do what he feels to be his job.] I imagine the Admiral can revive him easily enough without me knowing where his body is, but I'd rather know where he is and be able to be there when he's brought back... if he's even here and wasn't lost to one of the other ships.
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[Fives tips his head a little.] Danny, when I responded to him asking about Nadayki's warden. I was his temporary last month.

[He frowns, brow furrowing a little.] It is. While it's a warden's responsibility to take care of his inmate- [He does tend to default to the masculine in speech out of a lifetime of habit.] if there is no warden it seems unfair to penalize the inmate. Still... I should have noticed. [The fact that he'd been gone when it happened, and then caught up in the confusion isn't an excuse.]
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[Fives sees the twitch--he can't not, he's conditioned to read even the most minute signs of body language--and wonders if he's angry at him or at Danny or for some other reason. It's not relevant, though, so long as he can get the answer he needs.]

Apparently not. [His own jaw tightens, though not enough for anyone who doesn't notice micro-expressions to notice. He's very uncomfortable with the idea of an older version of him having been here, and with what he's learned from the message he'd been left.]

Consequences are up to your warden, not me. [This, at least, he's comfortable enough with. He understands protecting your own, just as he understands focusing on his own sphere of responsibility and not usurping someone else's. He might feel differently had Nadayki's death not been both justifiable, in his mind, and temporary... if more lengthy than is called for.] I just want to make sure Nadayki's dealt with.
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... you mean you haven't? [Steve doesn't strike him as one of the angry, rebellious ones determined to burn their own lives to the ground and take everyone around them along for the ride, he'd have expected him to be cooperating with his warden. Trying to graduate and move on from here.] Are you not going to?
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Actually it does, given if you've told her already it'd be redundant for me to. [Fives is quiet for a long beat then, considering what he's learned about wardening since he arrived--much of it contradictory.] I think that's something you should do if you haven't, though. Preferably before Nadayki does, if he decides he wants to. [He's not sure if Nadayki will, to be honest, but he does feel like it's not his place as things currently stand.]
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[Fives scowls slightly, frustrated at the sudden combativeness.] You realize that none of that is the same as just saying you didn't kill him, right? In fact you've pretty much made the opposite clear.
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[Fives huffs an exasperated breath.] I don't see why it matters to you, given there don't seem to be real consequences for anything here, but fine. I'll just ask the Admiral for him back. But I'd still suggest you tell your warden before she finds out from someone else.
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... don't you want to graduate? Isn't that the whole point to you being here? [There are inmates who clearly don't want to cooperate or graduate, but... from what little he's seen of Steve he doesn't strike Fives as being one of them.] It seems like confiding in and working with your warden would be a step in that direction.
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What you want always plays into everything. You always have choices, even if it's nothing more than how you choose to face whatever fate you're allotted. [He believes this completely, Steve. It's how he's survived ten years of training and three of war as cannon fodder in an army he never joined, fighting for a cause he barely understands, though he pretends to.] And given your warden's likely here for a deal the same as everyone else, I doubt she considers you a lost cause.
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[Fives' scowl deepens.] The Admiral doesn't even interact with you once he brings you aboard.