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Steven J. McGarrett
Age: 35
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 175lbs
Birthday: 3/10/77
Career: 5-O Leader
Military: Navy SEAL
Rank: Lt. Cmdr
Species: Human
Canon: Hawaii 5-O
Episode: S2-E22
Date: 05/07/12
PB: Alex O'Loughlin
Born and raised on Hawaii, Steve was an all-American boy. He broke records as quarterback and was a straight A student in high school. Attention and affection were hard to come by in his home but that just motivated Steve to work harder. When his mother died just after his fifteenth birthday, his father sent him to the mainland to the Army and Navy Academy. Steve enlisted in the Navy, attending the Naval Academy at Annapolis and after graduating at the top of his class became a SEAL. After six years with the SEALs, Steve moved on to Naval Intelligence where he hunted terrorists and arms dealers. When his father is murdered by one of the terrorists he was after, Steve returns to Hawaii in hopes of capturing him. In the process Steve runs into Detective Danny Williams. Together they form a Special Task Force - Five O with a disgraced HPD officer Chin Ho Kelly and a his cousin, a rookie, Kono Kalakaua.
Steve is focused and dedicated in all tasks, making him mission oriented, doing whatever it takes to close cases. In the beginning he's wooden and awkward around people, especially outside of work related issues. As he adjusts to civilian life however he begins to relax and we see a goofier side come through. The dedication he shows to solving cases is second only to those he considers his o'hana, Hawaiian for family. Steve would do literally anything for them, including putting his own life in the line of fire, grand theft, and disobeying direct orders from superiors. When it comes to asking for help however, Steve refrains and withdraws. Due to his father's lack of affection and sending him away, Steve suffers from both abandonment and father issues.
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Premise: You're drunk, and someone brought puppies.

Warning: Turns into NSFW with talk, possibly actions, of D/s

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Player Information
Name: Mitch
Age: Over 18
Contact: [ profile] knights_ Steve’s HMD Contact Post
Characters already in Medietas: None
Reserve Link: Reserve

Character Basics
Character name: Steve McGarrett
Character Journal: [personal profile] super_seal
Canon: Hawaii Five O
Canon Point: Season 2 | Episode 22
Age: 35

Canon Character Information
Appearance: Steve is a tanned, 35 year old caucasian male with short brown hair and hazel eyes, he stands 6’1” and is a muscular 175lbs. Usually he’s sporting a five-o’clock shadow. He has intricate tattoos on both biceps and has a handful of small scars on his arms, back and chest from combat related knife or gunshot wounds.

Preferred clothing is a t-shirt with possibly an open button-down shirt on top, with cargo pants and hiking boots. He wears a diving watch on his left wrist and a Five-O badge on his belt. As his cargo pants have lots of pockets, Steve carries lots of things in them, including: string, detonators, small amounts of C4 (in different pockets than the detonators), paperclips, a working ballpoint pen, fragments of a pen, stubby pencil, duct tape around a credit card, chewing gum, swiss army knife, various coins, lint, coiled wire, lock pick set, bandaids, Danny's car key, his house and truck key, sterilized needle and thread, pocket flashlight, zipties, wallet, along with various other things. At one point he carried a grenade in one but when Danny found out he made him stop.

Weapons: Being a SEAL, Steve always has weapons on him including: black blade K-Bar Knife, boot knife, SIG-Sauer P226 gun in holster on belt, and garrote wire in his left boot.

History: History – Steve’s Journal

Steve for the most part is a good man. He believes in being honorable and in doing the right thing, no matter the cost, with an understanding that sacrifice needs to happen for the greater good. When his friends need him, he’s loyal and dependable; always willing to offer a hand or do whatever he can to be supportive.

Raised in a home where his father’s attention was not easy to come by and emotions or feelings were never discussed, Steve strove to be the best that he could in every aspect to obtain his father’s approval. Being dismissed by his father at fifteen without reason and shipped off to military school, Steve turned his focus there. Graduating with honors, becoming a SEAL, and then Naval Intelligence, Steve became the best there was with commendations and medals. The loss of his mother, and virtually his sister and father was not something he ever addressed and the feelings of abandonment where compartmentalized away.

Having been part of a military establishment since he was 15 years old shaped Steve and how he views the world around him. Accustomed to leading he’s quick to take charge and dive into the action. When focused, Steve is dedicated and determined to achieve his goals. Whether his goal is swimming five miles before breakfast or bringing to justice the perpetrator on the latest case, he attacks the problem with a single-minded seriousness.

Socially, being in the military for so long has had it’s toll. Outside of a work environment, Steve can be socially awkward being both blunt and unpredictable. While he may find others attractive, he shows no interest even when being flirted with. In his mind if he ignores it, it will go away. This is despite being nicknamed ‘Smooth Dog’ in the SEALs.

When with friends, he will relax and become easy to smile or share a joke. He does have abandonment and father issues, but once he feels secure in a relationship, he enjoys winding up his friends, especially Danny, to get a reaction but never in a malicious way. He’s loyal but keeps his thoughts and emotions hidden, although things he feels deeply about do tend to come out in his actions or facial expressions. He will risk everything, including his life, to help his friends.

Additional Head Canon - History and Personality:
Steve was still grieving the loss of his mother when his father sent him and his sister to the mainland. Being at an all boys military academy was not easy initially for Steve. His mother was dead and his father and sister were no longer accessible to him. He learned quickly how to bottle all emotion and not to share his feelings with others. There were hazing incidents and other issues that made his first six months very difficult before he was able to adjust. During that time he reached out less often to his aunt and sister, and never to his father - although he kept wishing his father would bring them both home. Uncle Joe’s advice was often for Steve to ‘buck up’ and be a man. Once adjusted, Steve started to excel in military school and while it was not enough to gain the attention of his father, it did gain the attention of teachers and coaches, as well as the respect of the other students. Steve didn’t leave the campus for holidays but the boys would sneak off campus to go to the nearby beach. The girls they would met there were more interested in partying and making out with the boys - as it’s not like the boys could take them on dates or really go elsewhere with them. He lost his virginity there but he was never serious with a girl, nor did he share his personal history with them.

Once Steve joined the Naval Academy in Annapolis he was already a serious sailor. Focused on school he took extra credit courses outside his curriculum and was involved in several sports. Chemistry and physics were among his favourite courses. His experience with women was highly limited but adequate as far as he was concerned. He carried on with hooking up with women at parties but not engaging in anything serious or opening up to any of them. His focus was on school and being the best he could be. His father, who didn’t attend his high school graduation did not attend this graduation either, although Mary and his aunt Deb did attend both, as did Uncle Joe.

Steve’s way of handling women continued along the same lines when he joined the SEALs. By then he knew how to pick out the women only interested in having a good time, usually by who was staring at him and making suggestive gestures, and he used corny pick-up lines to break the ice. This worked generally well for him and got him the nickname ‘Smooth Dog’.

By then Steve had not connected with anyone on an emotional level since he was fifteen. People came and went from his life constantly. While he had ‘friends’, no one knew anything about his personal history beyond the basics. He used breaks to take extra courses or he'd take on an extra mission. Occassionally one of his buddies would include him in their plans but Steve had become good at putting on an easy smile and acting like he didn't have a care in the world when he was with others.

Then the unthinkable happened. One of the women that Steve had an encounter with, who he seen as just a hook-up and nothing more, claimed to have feelings for him. She started talking about becoming more serious, with him meeting her parents and he, not knowing how to deal with that, panicked and broke things off with her completely. She called him an asshole, claimed that he had used her, and said that he was abandoning her. Her upset had an impact on Steve. While he didn’t know how to connect, he could understand her pain. Not having meant to make someone feel the same as him, he stopped his promiscuous behaviour all together. It was difficult at first, but over time he learned how to avoid showing interest in others so they would not get the wrong idea. If someone still approached him with that in mind, he would ignore that behaviour until they stopped or went away.

During his time in the SEALs, Steve saw lots of action, was injured multiple times to various degrees but through it all stayed highly focused on his career and advancing it in any way possible. The military had taught him that the ends justified the means. If his actions led to a successful mission then they were commendable. Any unsuccessful mission meant he didn’t invest enough of something or could have done something different in order to succeed. This was a lesson he took seriously and as with everything else, excelled in. For example, using a captured combatant as bait for others by tying them up and putting a live grenade under them (as seen in canon) wasn’t something he thought twice about if it served it's purpose. He had excellent sniper skills and would take the shot without having trouble sleeping at night. If a threat got in his way, he took out the threat - end of story. Civilians he would do his best to protect, and would go out of his way to save - if possible, but if they got caught in the crossfire then they were considered casualties of war.

When the Hesse Brothers, terrorists who were on the most wanted list, crossed his path he moved into Naval Intelligence. While most of his tours of duty prior had been in Asia, chasing after them and their associates took him all over the world. In his travels he met a Navy Lieutenant, Catherine Rollins, who was running into some problems with a respected older Admiral with unprofessional ideas. In an attempt to help, Steve commented that he was her boyfriend and the Admiral backed off. Steve agreed to keep up the charade until she could move onto another position. They became friends and over drinks one night Catherine offered to take if further. Steve initially refused but she convinced him that she didn't want a relationship, only a bit of fun, and suggested it as an 'in trade' type of arrangement. She would use her position to help get him information whenever he needed and then he owed her a nice dinner and some action afterwards in return. This is when and how their canon friends with benefits relationship starts.

Five-O Canon mixed with Head Canon - History and Personality:
When Steve formed Five-O he was very stiff and uptight, reckless and at times seemingly out of control. It’s behaviour that was accepted in the military and viewed as focus, drive and dedication, but Danny quickly realized that Steve had issues - both father related and something else he couldn't quite put his finger on.

Steve made Danny his partner, (Danny would say Steve kidnapped him), because he felt that Danny would be able to help him capture Victor Hesse - a fresh set of unbiased eyes. But Steve ended up with so much more. After catching Victor Hesse Steve had fully intended to go back to the military, but Steve had found more than just a partner and a team, and when that time came he found he wasn’t ready to leave.

With Danny’s influence, Steve learned to relax and let his guard down. Danny pushed his buttons and demanded more from Steve than anyone else. Unlike others who had put demands on Steve, not only did Danny show approval when Steve did well, but he also provided attention. The same type of attention that Steve had attempted to get from his father, and that the military was not able to provide. Danny included Steve in his time with Grace, and between the two of them, they gave Steve a family.

Powers/Abilities/Talents: Steve is human and has no powers and abilities unless you count his SEAL and military training/experience as a special ability. As a human, he is prone to illness and injury.

AU/CR AU Addendum: N/A

What 4 items would you like your character to have with them on the island during their stay?
1. Framed Pictures (4) 1. Danny and Grace playing on the beach, 2. Picture from his 15th birthday with his mother, father and sister, 3. Mary, Aunt Deb and him at his Annapolis graduation, 4. Five-O - Steve, Danny, Chin and Kono
2. Spare K-Bar Knife
3. Surfboard
4. The first picture Grace drew for Steve

First Person: Link to Storybrooke on IJ - First Person thread between Steve and a teenaged version of his sister, Mary

Third Person: Link to The Last Voyages Community - Third Person thread between Steve and a friend

Finally, out of the 4 words, pick one: Chimes, lake, gravel, or sun? Lake
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Note: This history is a work in progress and may updated or altered at any time. It is intended to focus on canon Steve McGarrett and not that of his team or the happenings of Five-O. Please feel free to comment if any mistakes are found. Currently this History is from birth to Season 2 - Episode 22.

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Reference sites: The Five Ohs - Steve Profile, Wiki - Steve Profile

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